Dear Vendor: We are very excited to invite you to be a part of the 41st Annual Darnaby Arts & Crafts Show. It is because of our GREAT vendors that this show has developed the reputation for being such a fantastic show. So, thank you!!! Please read the following Guidelines carefully as several items have changed, the most important being the booth rate. As always, please continue to check your email and the website for any future changes.


About the Show: 

  • Location: Union Multipurpose Activity Center (UMAC) | 6836 S. Mingo Road in Tulsa 
  • Date: Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 | 9:00am – 4:00 pm. 
  • FREE admission for customers
  • There will be food trucks available to purchase food items throughout the day. Complimentary cookies and coffee will be available both Friday evening and during the show Saturday in the reserved Vendor Hospitality section. 
  • This is a fundraiser that benefits the students of Darnaby Elementary. 


NOTE: We do not have a re-schedule date should there be inclement weather. The show will be held on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 regardless of whether Union Public Schools are open Friday, December 1st, 2023.


On the contract, please include all vendor names and products participating in the booth. A vendor may not share or sell any of their space without the approval of our Show Committee. New vendors are to be juried in under their own application. We will only allow one vendor per national franchise companies e.g. Scentsy, Pampered Chef, etc., and preference will go to vendors with handcrafted/handmade items. 




    • Booth fee is $130 and premium double spaces are $260. Booths are limited to 2.
    • Booth spaces are approximately 9’x9’ with a 3 inch tolerance due to facility configuration.. Each vendor is responsible for their own display equipment, tables, and other items needed to set up their booth. 
    • Vendors are responsible for setting up displays within the exact boundaries of your booth. Please respect your neighbor by staying within your allotted space. 
    • If needed, vendors must provide their own three pronged electrical cord and any other cords necessary for set up. 


  • Vendors cannot impede into the electrical egress aisle. Vendors on outside walls are not allowed to impede any maintenance doors or fire extinguishers. Vendors must correct all issues identified by staff as required to be in compliance with Fire Code.
  • Each booth will be provided with 2 chairs. The UMAC has requested that you do not bring your own chairs as they may damage the floors. 


  • Partitions/Displays: If your booth incorporates a partition or display made of wood or any type of material with sharp edges and/or weighs more than 300 lbs, you must inform us within a week of the show. Any sharp edges or heavy items can puncture the rubber arena floor. If your partitions are taller than 8, please let us know on your Contract. 
  • Tape: Absolutely no duct tape may be used. Only blue painters tape may be used on the floors or the walls. UMAC reserves the right to fine anyone who does not adhere to this policy. 
  • Wi-Fi: Public Wi-Fi will be accessible to all, but please consider setting up your own hotspot/data plan if you are wanting more capability than what the UMAC offers or use a payment processor that does not allow public Wi-FI.
  • No open flames or helium balloons may be used at any time. 
  • Any issues with a vendor booth must be reported by 8:00 p.m. Friday, December 1st, 2023 in order for possible changes to be addressed.
  • Booth assignments will be provided at check-in, and while we do our best to honor specific requests regarding location, we must also take into consideration factors such as electricity, wall and corner needs.




  • All electrical needs should be listed on your current year’s contract regardless of whether or not you had electricity access at previous shows. 
  • The fee for electricity is $10. A $25 late request fee will be assessed for electrical requests received after 11/15. . 
  • You are responsible for providing three pronged electrical cords
  • We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE that you bring battery-operated calculators and manual credit card machines with you in the event of any power loss. 




  • Vendor parking will be on the western side of the UMAC in the furthest section of the parking lot from the entrance. Closer spots are reserved for customers. 
  • Handicap parking for vendors and customers is available in the main parking area. 




  • Vendors must check-in before unloading.
  • Check IN: Friday, December 1st, from 5-9 PM and Saturday, December 2nd from 7 - 8:30 a.m.
    • You may NOT arrive before 5 p.m. December 1st as the high school students will need to be able to exit the parking lot without additional congestion. Event staff will help to ensure adherence to this policy. Anyone blocking traffic or trying to enter the building early will be asked to leave and may, at the committee’s discretion, not be allowed to participate in the show. We appreciate EVERYONE’S adherence to this policy. 
    • Vendors may set up Friday night between 5-9 p.m. and Saturday morning between 7 - 8:30  a.m. Please have your booth prepared by 8:30 a.m.
  •  Check OUT: Saturday, December 2nd from 4-6 PM 
    • The Show Committee will be available for questions until 5 p.m. after the show. You must be out of the building by 6 p.m.
  • Vendors are responsible for unloading/loading their own goods. Although we try to have volunteers available, we cannot guarantee volunteer assistance and suggest you bring your own carts and/or dollies. 




  • Booth fees are nonrefundable. All monies not refunded will remain with the Darnaby Elementary PTA to cover existing expenses for advertising, facility rental, and promotional materials. 




  • Each merchant is responsible for collecting their own sales tax. A form from the Oklahoma Tax Commission will be provided, but vendors are responsible for remitting required forms and taxes to: Oklahoma Tax Commission; PO Box 269062; Oklahoma City, OK 73126
  • Vendors must have the appropriate and current licenses necessary for any items sold including, but not limited to, food and trademarked items. Refunds will not be given due to the lack of proper documentation at the show




  • Current vendors will have preference for the 2023 show until September 1st. Your application must be received by that date to have preference. Applications will be available to the general public on September 15th. At that time, all booths will be available at the discretion of the Darnaby Arts and Craft Show committee. 
    • In order to maintain a quality show, any pre-approved vendor who does not attend 2 consecutive Darnaby Arts and Craft Shows may be removed from the Show’s pre-approved vendor list. In order for the vendor to be a part of a subsequent show, they may have to re-apply as a new vendor and will have to be selected by the jury at that time. 
  • Vendor payment is due by October 1st. If admitted after that date, payment is due within two weeks of notice of acceptance. Failure to pay by the deadline may result in forfeiting your space. 
  • Only service animals are permitted on UMAC property. 
  • Smoking, vaping, and any other tobacco or medical marijuana products are not allowed on UMAC property.
  • All vendors will be subject to all UMAC rules and regulations regardless of whether or not listed in this document or any other Darnaby Arts and Craft Show correspondence. 
  • Please keep in mind that the Darnaby Elementary Arts and Craft Show is a family friendly event. Please list all the items you will have available. If the committee deems your products or merchandise unsuitable for the event or presents a conflict with our overall mission to provide a variety of vendors, we will contact you via email upon receipt of your signed contract and application. While we attempt to provide a diverse and varied show, we are NOT able to guarantee that there won’t be similar merchandise available by other vendors. The Darnaby PTA reserves the right to ask any vendor not to bring specific item(s) if we believe it is not a good fit for a family friendly event. 
  • By signing the Contract, you are giving the Committee and the Darnaby Elementary PTA permission to use any pictures taken of you and/or your booth during the show for any of its future publicity. If you do not want us to use pictures of you and/or your booth, you must submit this request to us in writing prior to the show date. 
  • The Show Committee reserves the right to enforce and/or interpret the Pre-Approved Merchant Confirmation, Payment Contract, and the Pre-Approved Vendor Rules and Guidelines. By signing the Contract, merchants agree to follow the rules and guidelines stated here and in the Contract. The Committee reserves the right to re-jury pre-approved exhibitors at any time to ensure a wide variety of quality products and services. If for any reason a vendor cannot participate in the show, the committee will have the sole right to determine whether or not to refund any payments to the vendor. 
  • We accept donated items from vendors that will be used to create grab bags. Any donations received benefit the students of Darnaby Elementary.




  • Booths must be open from 9 am - 4 pm. Clean up of your booth is NOT to begin prior to 4 p.m.  Early departure will not be accepted without the approval from our Committee for emergency situations and may forfeit your returning vendor status for subsequent shows.
    • These hours are advertised to the public so please come prepared with enough inventory to sell throughout the day.
  • Please remove all trash from your booth area after clean up and dispose of it properly. There will be a $50 clean up fee for excessive mess/trash. Please leave your space as you found it. 
  • Darnaby Elementary PTA is not responsible for fire, theft, accidents, or any unforeseen circumstances that may damage/injure your property. The building will be locked at night. 
  • Darnaby Elementary PTA is not responsible for submitting taxes on a vendor’s behalf. Vendors will be responsible for collecting and submitting taxes to the State of Oklahoma. 
  • Vendors are expected to be courteous to one another and customers. 

Thank you for your participation in our show that directly impacts the students of Darnaby Elementary!


Jamie Gaffney

Show Director