Cynthia Cole - P.E.



Kim Kiker - Art



Melissa Nunn - Library/Media



Karen Sullivan - Music



Welcome Darnaby Rangers, 


We are so excited for the year. We wanted to introduce ourselves and provide information regarding Specials.  


The three Specialty Rotations at Darnaby are: Music, Art, and P.E. Students will be on a 3-day rotation seeing a new Specialty each day.  


Karen Sullivan is the Music teacher for Darnaby. In Music Class, students will follow the ORFF approach to learning Music. This process engages students' minds and bodies through a mixture of Singing, Dancing, Dramatic Play, and the use of Percussion Instruments. Get ready to move to the beat. 


Kimberly Kiker teaches Art here at Darnaby. Students will spend the year learning about different artists around the world and creating art pieces inspired by the featured artist. Students need to wear clothing to Art Class that can get dirty. We always do our best to contain the mess but creating with paints, pastels, clay, and other amazing mediums can be messy at times. Get ready to get inspired and inspire. 


Cynthia Cole is our P.E. teacher. The students will be exploring different sports and exercises in class. Students will need to wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes. A water bottle may be sent with your student to P.E., but it may only contain water, no sugary drinks, please. Get ready to get sweaty. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by phone or e-mail. 


We look forward to a wonderful year.