The Darnaby PTA is an affiliate of the Oklahoma Chapter of the National PTA. We follow their rules and procedures as we work to impact the students of Darnaby Elementary School. The purpose of the PTA is to provide activities and programs that serve the needs of the students and teachers at Darnaby Elementary.  Each year the PTA helps support programs and activities, which contribute to a healthy learning environment for our children and promote the welfare of our students. 


Darnaby's PTA is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions. We are always looking for volunteers, whether you have time to physically come into the school or help us out from home. Email or keep checking into our home page to find new opportunities to volunteer. 



Jennifer Huff - PTA President


My name is Jennifer Huff, and I am serving as your PTA President for the 2023-2024 school year. I previously served one year as your PTA President and two years as your PTA Treasurer. My husband and I have one Ranger, Delilah in 5th, and a former Ranger named Harlow now in 7th. I can’t pick my favorite Darnaby memory, but I love seeing the staff and volunteers go above and beyond to make events like the Jog-a-thon such a fun and memorable experience. As Native Texans who were welcomed with open arms into the Darnaby community despite knowing zero people, I’ve enjoyed being able to give back; although the upcoming year will bring challenges, we invite you to join our PTA family.  



Shelby Williams - PTA Vice President  


My name is Shelby Williams, and I am serving as your PTA Vice President for the 2023-2024 school year. I previously served as your PTA Vice President for the 2022-2023 school year. My husband Eric and I have two Rangers: Weston in 4th grade and Colton in 2nd grade. You'll find me assisting Jennifer with day-to-day tasks, updating our PTA website, providing tech support for various events throughout the year, coordinating homeroom parents, planning Family Fun Night, or delivering ice cream to classrooms once a month (probably my favorite job of them all!). My favorite Darnaby memory is my first year as a homeroom parent for Ms. Moore's kindergarten class. I overestimated on candy decorations for our gingerbread houses... as well as the size of the houses. 12-inch-tall gingerbread houses and a pound of candy on its roof does not fit well in backpacks!



Katie Williams - PTA Treasurer


My name is Katie Williams, and I am serving as your PTA Treasurer for the 2023-2024 school year. I previously served as your PTA Treasurer for the 2022-2023 school year.



Rachel CastilloPTA Secretary


My name is Rachel Castillo, and I am serving as your PTA Secretary for the 2023-2024 school year. I previously served as your PTA Secretary for the 2022-2023 school year. My husband and I have 7 kids, 5 currently at Union. We have 2 Rangers, Kaiya in 2nd grade and Noa in 4th.  Nomi, a former Ranger is in 6th, Jaidyn, also a former Ranger is in 8th grade.  Marah is a Sophomore and Alena is a Senior and in the EDGE program. You might find me around Darnaby helping in various areas and with various events. We are truly blessed to be at Darnaby.  One of my favorite recent memories was on a stormy day. I was dropping off 2 of my kids for school and it was raining.  Kaiya was wheeling herself down the sidewalk to the door when a 3rd grade Ranger turned around, walked back to her and held her umbrella over Kaiya.  She then walked slowly with Kaiya, while holding the umbrella so Kaiya wouldn’t get wet.  Because Kaiya is in a wheelchair, not only did this Ranger have to walk more slowly to help Kaiya but she also got wet in order to keep Kaiya dry.  That and so many other moments have made me so proud to be part of the Ranger family. I really believe Darnaby has the best teachers, staff, parents, and kids around. We hope you’ll join our PTA family! 


Daniel Rader - PTA Council Delegate


My name is Daniel Rader, and I am serving as your PTA Council Delegate for the 2023-2024 school year. I previously served as your PTA Council Delegate for the 2022-2023 school year.




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 Questions about Darnaby's response to Covid-19? Look no further than Nurse Crum's Health Corner to find pertinent information about the health of our school and how best to keep your kid safe. 




Darnaby is excited to announce a partnership with Reading Partners and Math Mentors to provide much-needed support in math and reading as well as an opportunity for students to build meaningful relationships with our mentors. If YOU love your school and enjoy working with kids, please click the logo above to learn more and sign-up for Darnaby & YOU!