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Welcome to Kindergarten!


Entering Kindergarten is a milestone you and your child will never forget. We are eager for this adventure with you, and we look forward to providing the best learning experience for your child.

The following is important information that is specific to Kindergarten at Darnaby.


Parent Communication

· ***Talking Points App (text messages)***

· Telephone 918-357-8704

· Take-Home Folder

· Parent/Teacher Conferences

· Report Cards


School Hours

Arrival/Breakfast: 8:00am - 8:15am

Class Begins/Tardy Bell rings: 8:15am

Dismissal: 2:57pm

Lunch/Recess: 11:05am -11:40am

Specials: 12:20pm -1:05pm



· 8:00am. Tardy after 8:15am.

· Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 8:15 in the cafeteria. Please make sure your student knows if they are supposed to get a breakfast or not. We do not offer free breakfast or lunch anymore. You may apply for free and reduced lunch on our website, otherwise you will receive a bill for the meal charges.

· Kindergarten’s designated entry door is the front door(office). This varies by grade.

· Staff will be stationed inside and out, assisting the kids to get to their classroom.



· 2:57pm (Please be in the car line on time so teachers do not have to stay late)

· Car Riders: Will be seated in line with their class on the large front sidewalk/concrete area until we make eye contact with the vehicle in the car line. Staff and/or Safety Patrol will escort your child to your car. Please stay in your vehicle.

· Walkers(parent pickup): We do not allow kindergarteners to walk home without a parent. Your child MUST stay with us and sit in the kindergarten line. They may only leave after I make parent contact and give him/her permission to leave the line. Do not take your child out of line at the door while we are walking out. This is for your child’s safety. Please talk with your child about this procedure before school starts.

*****We strongly encourage you to use the car line for safety/social distancing purposes*****

· EDP: will be escorted to the cafeteria at 2:57.

· Bus Riders: will be escorted to the gym shortly before dismissal.

· Changes in Transportation—Please let the office know if someone other than yourself (or persons listed on enrollment sheet) will be picking up your child. If we do not have proper notification, we will send your child home the way he/she usually goes home. Your child’s safety is our number one concern.



Due to COVID-19, we will not use our water fountains. Please send a bottle they can easily open and refill themselves, that is labeled, and SPILL PROOF. These will be sent home at least weekly to be sanitized. *WATER ONLY in the bottle. No flavored water, juice, tea, soda, etc.


· Students are welcome to bring a daily snack to be eaten in the afternoon.

· No candy, no drinks(except water bottle).

· Needs to be one that your child can easily open independently.

· If possible, please label with their name.

· If your child does not bring a snack, he/she will not receive a snack.

· Discuss with your child that due do food allergens and diet restrictions we have a “no sharing” rule. If your student has a food allergy, please notify your teacher ASAP.



· An extra change of clothes is to remain in a labeled plastic bag in your child’s backpack.

· If you are sending your child with a mask, please send extra masks with their change of clothes.

· For your child’s safety and comfort in class, P.E., and on the playground, please send them in tennis shoes or similar footwear. If your child cannot tie his or her own shoes, please send Velcro or slip-on shoes until they learn how to tie them independently

· Shorts under dresses and skirts.

· Please write your child’s name in all jackets/lunch boxes/backpacks/water bottles.

· Please help your child to learn how to put on his or her own clothes, jackets, and shoes on, independently.



We do not send home daily homework in kindergarten but will give you goals, specific skills, and/or sight words to be working on, as well as a recommended amount of reading time. We will send home monthly newsletters to keep you in the loop on what’s happening in Kindergarten and to make sure you are aware of any upcoming events or important information. Please check their folder DAILY, as there could be important information sent home at any time.



We use practices from Teaching with Love and Logic. Love and Logic includes logical consequences for misbehavior, empathy, and building positive relationships. We will use the Talking Points App or E-mail for minor behavior issues that are occurring after warnings or logical consequences. For more serious issues, you will receive a phone call. We may also utilize our school counselor, Kelly Buck, or Principal, Chris Reynolds. If you are interested, ask about our on-site CREOKS counseling services.



We are unable to have birthday celebrations at school. Please do not send cupcakes, cake, or cookies. You may send a class set of healthy individually pre-packaged snacks for snack time if you would like. No drinks please.



Please bring school supplies to ‘Meet the Teacher’ or Week 1 in labeled bag(s). Do not label supplies.

*4 small glue sticks

*1 box Quart or Gallon Ziplock bags(slider top)

*2 plastic folder (not paper) with brads (blue and green)

*2 boxes Crayola crayons (24 count)

*2 boxes broad Washable Crayola markers (8 -10#)

*4 or more packs of play-doh (regular size, not mini)

*1 watercolor washable paint set

*4 broad black Expo Dry Erase markers

*1 pair blunt 5” kid scissors

*1 canister Clorox or Lysol Wipes