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Aloha 5th Grade Families!

We are looking forward to a fabulous 5th-grade year! We wanted to give you some important information to help you prepare for the upcoming school year. Please read the following details carefully, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions! It is our mission to make it an amazing and memorable year for our students and families!


Communication: Please make sure that we have current email addresses and phone numbers. We love to hear from you, so if you ever have questions, e-mail or Talking Points text messages are the best form of communication. Please make sure you add the Talking Points app to your cell phone. This is a quick and easy way for us to communicate with one another. Also, if you haven’t joined the Parents of Darnaby Facebook page, it’s a great place to stay connected with what’s going on at our school. You should also stay connected with the PTA Parent Portal, Darnaby twitter page, or the Darnaby page on the Union website. **We send out a weekly Ohana news every Monday, so please make sure you check your email so you can stay up-to-date on assignments and events.


Arrival: Car riders and walkers may enter through the front door or through the Science Lab (playground entrance) door. Students may enter the building at 8:00 a.m. and proceed to their homeroom classroom. Bus riders will enter through the cafeteria door and use the back hallway for arrival. EDP students will enter the building through the front door. At 8:15 a.m. all doors will be closed, and students must enter through the front door.


Dismissal: Bus riders will be dismissed from the classroom over the intercom. Walkers will exit through the Science Lab /playground door. Please advise your student of their designated pick up area. EDP will be dismissed from the classroom and go directly to the cafeteria. Car riders will gather at the north entrance loop and line up by grade level.


Breakfast & Lunch: Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria beginning at 8:00 am. Bus riders may pick up a breakfast bag on their way to their classroom. 5th grade lunch time begins at 12:45 pm. Students will eat at designated homeroom cohort tables in the cafeteria. They may either bring a sack lunch or choose a cafeteria entrée. Recess-Students will have access to the full playground this year. On inclement weather days, students will remain in their homeroom classroom to read, draw, or play board games


Birthday Celebrations: In support of Union Public Schools guidelines and recommendations for student health and wellness, and as an official Healthy and Fit School, Darnaby will no longer be able to allow the delivery of donuts or other food items not in compliance with USDA Nutrition Standards for the purpose of classroom parties, except for two allowable exemptions which will take place during our Winter and Valentine parties. So, no birthday treats will be allowed at school.


Water Bottles: Students are encouraged to bring water bottles. Please only send water. No other beverages are allowed.


Class Rotations: Our team does “team teaching” meaning students will spend half of their day with their language arts teacher and half of their day with their math, social studies and science teacher. Students spend the beginning of their day in their homeroom for morning work, announcements, and class morning meetings. They end their day in their homeroom class for packing up and reminders.


Restroom Policy: Students may use the restroom as needed. The procedure is to ask permission, then put their name on the sign out sheet. Only one boy and one girl may use the restroom at a time, so a student may have to wait a few minutes to go. Students may also use the restroom at lunchtime.


Specialty Classes: Students attend the following specialty classes each week: Music, Art, PE, and Library. During their library rotation, students may check out two library books. If you have specific questions about specialities, please use the contact information below:
Music: Karen Sullivan
Art: Kim Kiker
PE: Cynthia Cole
Library: Melissa Nunn


Technology/Laptops: Every fifth grade student will receive a laptop and Clever card. Laptops will remain at school.


Cell Phone Policy: Cell phones are allowed, but during the school day, they must remain turned off and in student backpacks. If they are out, they are turned in to the office, then a parent must pick the cell phone up. Parents will be sent an email that the phone may be picked up at the parent’s convenience. If a child is sick, or there is an emergency, we have protocols in place for that and students may use school phones or the nurse will call the parent.


Fun Friday: This is an extra recess on Fridays and is a reward for great behavior and work completion during the week. Students who have incomplete assignments and/or behavior issues or referrals will miss this extra recess time.


Toys, etc...: In an effort to eliminate distractions, students should leave toys such as gak/slime, Pokemon, baseball or other trading cards, fidget spinners, etc… at home. If a student is in need of anti-anxiety tool, to will be approved on a case-by-case basis depending on the student’s educational needs.


Zip & Lock:  To promote safe and respectful hallway behavior, students will walk to/from class, specialties, and lunch with their mouths “zipped” and their hands “locked” away from others.  


Backpacks: Students may unload their backpacks at the end of the day to avoid carrying a heavy backpack home; however, they must reload everything in the morning, so they can have their supplies ready for their rotation class.


Auctions & Tickets: Students earn tickets for great behavior choices, good deeds, assignment completion, classroom jobs, etc… They can use these tickets during classroom auctions to bid on items. Donations of items such as individually wrapped candy, snack items, small trinkets, cool school supplies, etc…are always appreciated. The Dollar Store is a great place to pick up a few things.


Scholastic Book Club: Each month, your child will bring home Scholastic Reading Club flyers. You may order online or by return your order form and payment to your child’s homeroom teacher. You can even have the option to have books shipped directly to your home. If sending in paper orders, please make checks payable to Scholastic. Book orders are due the 1st of each month.


Attendance / Tardies: Kids really benefit from getting here on time. It gives them time to get settled in for the day and start on their morning work or finish up any homework. The tardy bell rings at 8:15am. At that time, the 5th grade door will be closed and locked and students will have to walk around and enter through the front door.